I have used Crown International twice now, the first time was in our Hastings hotel and the
second time was in Darlington. Both builds look fantastic. The team were amicable, efficient,
they turned up on time and got the job done. They were a great compnay to deal with.

Duncan BannatynecBBC’s Dragon’s Den

When I first saw the build I thought it
was ace. It was the best we had seen,
it was exciting. In fact sitting in it now
I’m excited.
It’s very luxurious, but yet

Gloria Hunniford
TV and Radio presenter

We now have a fantastic space for
our guests to chill in. I don’t think we
believed it until we actually belived
until we actually saw how idyllic it
would be. When you actually see it and
the quality of the workmanship and
just the ambience it creates, it’s just

Stephen Purdew
Chapneys Owner